The National Technical Working Group (NTRG) GLOBALG.A.P has started its work in Ukraine. It is designed to translate and adapt the requirements of GLOBALG.A.P. based on the interests and needs of local stakeholders and serves as a liaison and the first point of contact between GLOBALG.A.P. and country.

Currently, the NTRG includes 28 participants, including: producers, experts, retailers, consultants, representatives of the scientific community, laboratories, certification bodies, agribusiness and other stakeholders with experience in food safety, ecology, impact on human and animal welfare. .

In general, the responsibilities of the National Technical Working Group include the following issues:

  • facilitating the implementation of GLOBALG.A.P standards. in the local environment and harmonization of GLOBALG.A.P standards. with the legislation of Ukraine;
  • translation, interpretation and adaptation of GLOBALG.A.P guidelines. to local conditions;
  • information support of local manufacturers on updates and changes in the GLOBALG.A.P standard;
  • providing feedback from local stakeholders and preparing proposals for GLOBALG.A.P. to improve standards on behalf of the Ukrainian professional environment.

SECRETARIAT OF THE GLOBALG.A.P National Technical Working Group. in Ukraine:

Yuliia Slyva – Head of NTWG tel: + 38 096 707 2666, e-mail mail:

Valentina Frolova – Secretary of NTWG, tel .: + 38 (044) 361 2249, e-mail mail: